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Let that sink in for a minute — every team in the NBA Live Coins, Patriots included, passed on Brady at least five times.Brady is the white whale of late-round draft picks, the player every fan wants their team to pull from selections that usually hit their ceiling as role players.Round 7: Julian Edelman (Patriots, 2009, pick 232)The Patriots owe a big part of their success to their ability to find unique ways to add talent in unconventional ways — late-round picks, undrafted free agents and their franchise quarterback plucked out of the sixth round.


Edelman, who played quarterback in Madden mobile coins cheap  college, has transformed into one of the league’s premier slot receivers from a low-profile late-round draft selection.He’s also played a massive part in New England’s success as a dynasty, hauling in what might’ve been the best catch in Super Bowl history against the Atlanta Falcons and tallying five postseason scores throughout his career. Who would’ve thought a former college quarterback could turn into a thousand-yard receiver?


Only Bill Belichick.Undrafted free agent: Chris Harris (Denver Broncos, 2011)Guys like Harris are why undrafted free agents have bee more and more coveted as part of the draft process. The best slot cornerback in the NFL, Harris has been phenomenal. With 14 career interceptions and 66 pass deflections, the UDFA cornerback has emerged as a playmaker for one of the best defenses in the league.


A Super Bowl champion and three-time Pro Bowler is one of many talented undrafted free agents (Doug Baldwin, Vontaze Burfict and the recently retired Tony Romo, to name a few) to make an impact in the NFL, proving yet again that even some of the league’s best players slip through the Mmogo.com cracks.Romo, of course, is the big name here. The quarterback everyone loved to hate overcame drastic odds, making his way from undrafted rookie to Dallas Cowboys legend.

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